About Us

A LIGHT BULB WENT OFF! I was in New York City outside Penn station 4 years ago, killing time, waiting for a train. It was rush hour and I noticed five guys, sitting on bikes in front of a Chinese restaurant. They were deliverymen, and when one took off without pedaling, I did a double take. Curiosity took over, I went and talked to them and that was my introduction to electric bikes. I became obsessed with them. I started an electric bike company with my business partner and friend, Emmanuel Gonzalez. Our mission is to have the best bikes, fun, durable and simple in design. We saw the other online bike companies and wanted better for our customers. So we deliver, fully assembled, to your front door and give you ongoing maintenance. Our E-bikes are good for the city, good for the environment and a lot of fun. The future of transportation is here!


Chuck Rendelman-  Founder